Warriors' Ascent Helping Veterans and First Responders with PTS

A big part of our mission at Roger Wilco Apparel is supporting veteran non-profit organizations both financially and by highlighting the work of people who are doing amazing things to help our veterans.

The first non-profit we want to feature is Warriors’ Ascent. Based in Kansas City, MO, Warriors’ Ascent provides tools and techniques to help veterans and first responders manage the impact of post-traumatic stress in their lives. Warriors’ Ascent conducts a five-day Academy of Healing program approximately seven times a year. Separate cohorts are held for men and women. Using scientific, evidence-based practices such as meditation, yoga, mindfulness and diet, the Warriors’ Ascent program focuses on healing the mind, body and soul. 

Warriors' Ascent

Now in its fifth year of operation, Warriors’ Ascent has served over 300 veterans and first responders. Alumni of the program are Vietnam, Gulf War, Iraq and Afghanistan veterans as well as active-duty members from all branches of the armed services. The program has also served individuals in law enforcement, fire and emergency medical services.

Post Traumatic Stress Healing

We are grateful for the amazing work they are doing. For more information, or if you know someone who might need their services, please contact them directly at warriorsascent.org

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