The Meaning of Roger Wilco

The art of naming a company can be pretty daunting. There are so many factors to consider, including the availability (or lack thereof these days) of a good URL. But for us, naming our company Roger Wilco came easily because there's a good story connected to it. And who doesn't like a good story? 

 When Ryan and Nick served as Lieutenants in the same unit, their battalion’s motto was “Can Do!”  In military lingo...

ROGER means “received, and will carry out the mission."

WILCO means “expressing compliance” or “agreement”, “Can Do!”

When you put those two words together, it essentially means - "Can do!" Remembering our battalion motto, and knowing part of our mission was to give back to veteran organizations, expressing this "can do" approach and company culture made it pretty easy to call ourselves ROGER WILCO!  

Roger that! (also a phrase we tend to use a lot around here)



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