Roger Wilco Profile: Major Brian Slamkowski

As a freshman at Gonzaga University in 2009, I was not only beginning my time as a student, but I was also embarking on my experience as an ROTC Cadet Private.  It was eye-opening for sure, but I loved every second of ROTC (well almost every second besides early mornings and being cold!) and I wouldn’t trade that experience for the world. I say that mostly because of the camaraderie I developed with my fellow cadets and the leadership skills I learned from many amazing members of the cadre. 

One of these inspiring leaders is Major Brian Slamkowski (Gonzaga ’10), who was our cadet Battalion Commander. I just recently came across this article about Brian in the Gonzaga alumni newsletter, and I thought it was worth sharing.

When he wasn’t running circles around me (literally), he taught me so much, including the advantages of always maintaining an optimistic and positive approach to every situation. This approach has certainly influenced my work as a founder of Roger Wilco Brand and why we’ve embraced the idea of “can do” in our brand story. 

Major Slamkowski is just one guy. But look at all he’s done in service to our country. We are lucky as Americans that we have so many men and women just like Brian who have chosen to put service over self.  

As we approach Veteran’s Day again this year, let’s all be grateful for those who have served and for those who are actively engaged in protecting our freedoms.  

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