We are Roger Wilco Brand and we’d like to introduce ourselves. We are Nick and Ryan. Nick is currently a Captain in the U.S Army based at Joint Base Lewis-McChord and Ryan is a former Captain in the U.S. Army who now works in the civilian sector. We are two Army officers who served together in the same unit that operated under the motto - “CAN DO.” Therefore, it was quite natural to start a company based on this same positive approach to life.  


The Problem

As Army veterans, we found it difficult to find quality, military-inspired apparel that conveyed our sense of patriotism and pride in military service in a way that was both understated and refined.   

Our Solution

We started the Roger Wilco Brand to fill this gap by creating products that show patriotism and a hint to military service without being loud or boastful. We set out to create tasteful, military-inspired apparel that anyone would be proud to wear anytime, anywhere. And our “Can Do” training inspired us to make a difference at the same time by supporting non-profit veteran organizations. 

Serving Others Is In Our DNA 

As U.S. Army officers, we volunteered and chose to serve others. It’s part of who we are. We served because we wanted to, not because we had to. We continue to support others today by donating a portion of our proceeds to non-profit veteran organizations.  For 2022, we are proud to support Warriors' Ascent - a 501(c)3 organization that provides healing tools to veterans suffering from the devastating effects of Post Traumatic Stress. Learn more about them at

Warriors' Ascent

The Story Behind "Captain Mike"

Captain Mike represents our two company founders who served (and one who currently serves) in the U.S. Army in transportation and logistics roles. While not always on the front lines, communication and support is vital to the success of any mission - both in the Army and in the business world. In other words, we know it takes a team, and as one of our founders likes to say,” I used to support helicopters. Now I run a company that supports our veterans in need.”  When called to serve, Captain Mike always responds with a hearty “Roger Wilco, Can Do!”


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