Captain Nick Grunsky

Location:  Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, CA

Why I Choose to Answer the Call:  My desire to serve in the United States Army began when I was 12 years old upon hearing the story of Pat Tillman (and his tragic death), an NFL football player who decided to forego a multi-million-dollar contract to serve his country believing it was his duty to do so. His story and the Global War on Terror continued to resonate with me as I entered high school.  There was a war going on and I believed it was my duty as a free American to join our nation's fighting force. I decided to become an officer through Army ROTC.

Throughout my career I have been deployed all over the world and have served with some awesome people who have become lifelong friends.

I continue to serve because I love the people I serve with in the Army. There's a unique fraternity that exists among service members past and present as we have endured similar hardships and experiences. I want to continue this legacy that was built by those who have come before me and steward it for those who will come after me. My love of country and service continues to grow because there is something special about serving with others who share a passion for service and self-sacrifice. That’s what motivates me every day.

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